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Personal Protection Orders

Michigan law has built in protection for victims in the form of personal protection orders or PPO’s. There are two types of PPO’s:

Domestic PPO: You may request a domestic PPO if the person you want protection from is:

  • Your spouse or former spouse
  • Someone with whom you have a child in common
  • Someone you are dating or have dated in the past
  • Someone you live with now or have lived in the same household with you in the past

You must show the court that this person is interfering with your personal freedom or has threatened or committed violence against you

Stalking PPO: You may request a stalking PPO to protect you from anyone else who has committed two or more acts without your consent that make you feel threatened, harassed, frightened or molested.

You may not get either type of PPO against your minor child.

A minor child cannot get a PPO against a parent.

Anyone who knowingly and intentionally makes a false statement to the court in support of a petition for a PPO is subject to the contempt powers of the court

How To Obtain A PPO

Personal protection orders are appropriate only for protection in domestic violence and/or stalking situations. There must be at least two harassing acts to fall under the stalking category not one isolated incident.

A PPO may be applied for by submitting the appropriate forms to the County Clerk’s office requesting the court to order the protection desired. This can be done by the person needing protection with or without the assistance of an advocate or an attorney.

Further instructions and downloadable forms are available at:

Asking the court to enter a personal protection order is avery serious matter. A PPO will authorize the courts and law enforcement throughout Michigan and the United States to enforce it’s provisions. The court will expect both you and the party to be restrained to abide by the by the terms of the order.

You are acting as your own attorney when you apply for a protection order.

Dispute Types Not Appropriate For A PPO

Landlord/Tenant - Neighborhood - Noise/Nuisance

Ordinance Violation - Trespassing - Professional/Client

Consumer/Merchant - Breach of Contract - Employment

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