Sunday, March 1, 2009

Allstate Insurance- Financial Independence for Survivors- Curriculum

Allstate Insurance has a comprehensive financial/ economic training program designed for use by advocates working with domestic violence survivors, an issue even more relevant given today's economy. From the NCADV :

"Victims of domestic violence often make several attempts to leave an abusive partner and are forced to return for economic reasons. Economic self-sufficiency is frequently the difference between violence and safety for many victims. Domestic violence advocates must be prepared to address many of the economic issues that victims face, and facilitate opportunities for victims to learn how they can improve their economic situation. Issues such as budgeting, identity theft, banking, predatory lending, violence in the workplace, housing, and credit, all play a role in ending domestic violence."

According to a recent poll by The Allstate Foundation, the number one reason victims stay with their abusers is financial instability. Aside from raising public awareness and thought leadership, they’ve created 2 amazing programs:

* A financial education curriculum designed especially for advocates and survivors of domestic abuse.
* An Education and Job Training Fund that provides women with immediate grants for finding work or improving their skills.

The Allstate Foundation Economics Against Abuse program’s financial empowerment curriculum includes financial tools and information that enable survivors of domestic abuse to (1) fully understand their financial circumstances, and (2) engage in short-term and long-term planning to accomplish their personal goals. The curriculum provides:

  • Ways to locate and access local, state and national personal safety and financial resources;
  • Information on how to protect personal and financial safety in-crisis and post-crisis;
  • Strategies for dealing with the misuse of financial records; and
  • Tools to help people of all incomes and earning power work toward long-term economic empowerment.

Allstate employees and agents partner with domestic abuse advocates to train local service providers to utilize the curriculum.

Click here to request the Financial Empowerment Curriculum

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