Tuesday, March 24, 2009

State-by-State Report Card on Protection Orders for Teens

Break the Cycle is pleased to present the 2009 State-by-State Teen Dating Violence Report Card. Teens across the country face overwhelming obstacles to accessing help for domestic and dating violence, particularly civil domestic violence protection orders.
Break the Cycle believes that teens should have access to the same legal protections as adult victims of domestic violence. They need the ability to seek protection on their own behalf.
In 2008, Break the Cycle conducted a nationwide review of each state’s civil domestic violence protection order laws and their impact on teens seeking protection from abusive relationships. The results were reported in the 2008 State-by-State Teen Dating Violence Report Card.
2009 Updates
*Revised scoring system to better assess the impact of state laws on teens seeking protection orders
*Up-to-date information on changes to protection order laws that affect teens experiencing abuse
*Recommendations for improving state laws and policies to better protect teen victims

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