Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 Ways We (Advocates) Maintain Our Sanity

1. Know our limitations.

2. Learn to say "NO" and keep practicing until you can pull it off without guilt.

3. Adhere to personal and professional boundaries.

4. Know the difference between empowering victims and saving or "fixing" victims.

5. Maintain our sense of humor. Don't take ourselves too seriously.

6. Get away on work time. Go to conferences. Interact with other professionals.

7. Get away altogether. Take a vacation. Spend time with family and friends. Turn off the phone and computer!

8. Take care of ourselves first. Eat well, get more sleep, exercise, play, get a hobby. Spend quiet time doing nothing.

9. Vent! Express frustration and helplessness. Bond with other advocates. Don't get depressed, get mad (with integrity, of course).

10. Take responsibility for our ongoing education. Keep learning and thinking. Do research, subscribe to email lists, blogs and feeds, stay up to date and open to new ideas. Be a resource to yourself.

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