Friday, May 1, 2009

From VAWnet: Organizing the Available Stimulus Funds

Special Announcement:
Stimulus Funds: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Special CollectionApril 2009

This new Special Collection organizes information to assist practitioners and policymakers identify, influence and access Recovery Act resources that might be helpful in their work with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The collection can be accessed at
The Recovery Act collection includes what we consider to be the most relevant materials and information from federal, tribal, and state government sources as well as from allied advocacy organizations. The document entitled Enhancing the Safety Net provides an overview of many of the key Recovery Act programs that may directly benefit survivors, particularly those who are low income or unemployed, along with links to more in-depth information about these benefits. Another document, Accessing Recovery Act Resources, includes advocacy tips and suggested action steps to assist local organizations in this effort.
We will continue to update the collection as more information becomes available and locate or develop tools to help practitioners use this information in their work directly with survivors, as part of community organizing efforts, or in policy advocacy.
We deeply appreciate Rosie Hidalgo, Director of Public Policy at Casa de Esperanza, and Casey Keene, Nikki Ker, and Annika Gifford from the NRCDV staff for all the reading, sifting, sorting, and analysis that was required to develop this collection.
We hope you find this information helpful and would appreciate hearing from you if you find other resources that you recommend we add to this Special Collection.
Comments and content suggestions for this special collection are welcome via VAWnet's Online Contact Form at:
Content of the Recovery Act Special Collection:
Public Safety Net and Public Benefits for Individuals
Advocating for Resources on Behalf of Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence
General Federal Recovery Act Resources
Recovery Act Funds - by Federal Agencies
State and Territory Resources Related to Recovery Act Funds
Tribal Resources

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