Friday, February 26, 2010

Case of John Michael Farren seen as refresher course on domestic violence; Washington Post

Case of John Michael Farren seen as refresher course on domestic violence

CHARGED: John Michael Farren, an ex-aide to President George W. Bush, is accused of trying to kill his wife. (Kerry Sherck - AP)
By Karl Vick

Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, February 25, 2010
NEW CANAAN, CONN. -- The gate to 855 Weed St. is always open, and the driveway curves invitingly toward a cheerful Cape Cod. But what mattered to Mary Margaret Farren in the darkness of Jan. 6 was that lights were on inside.
The 43-year-old lawyer swung the BMW into the drive of a family she didn't know, leaned on the horn, pounded on the front door. When it opened, she collapsed, bleeding, in the airy stillness of a New Canaan foyer.

"She made several remarks implying that she did not think she was going to live," New Canaan police Sgt. Louis Gannon noted in his report. Summoned by the owners of the house on Weed Street, the officer found Farren on her side, inside the front door of the dumbfounded family's house, shivering and pale under a pile of blankets in an expanding pool of blood.

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  1. This astounding case is just one more that shows violence knows no boundaries. Not economic, racial, or social class. Mary Margaret Farren is so lucky to be alive, as well as her children. This is a story to watch, in my opinion, to see who comes out to support this abuser.


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