Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For Inspiration: 10 Creative Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault Program Logos

Most logos for victim service agencies follow a recognizable theme. Many have a shattered house, a cause ribbon, women reaching upward or handprints or hearts. Most consist of two colors or a black & white image. The colors most used in agencies that address violence against women are teal and purple. Simplicity is conducive to universal recognition and easy copying, but it is alway enjoyable to see a well thought out image that goes beyond the norm. For inspiration, here are ten creative program logos :

Shining Mountain Community Services
Army- Fort Carson
Choctow Project Safe

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Personal Protection Order iPhone App

ExpertClick News Release: New Personal Protection Order iPhone App Stops em in Their Tracks

IcePics  iPhone app works by pointing an iPhone at a suspicious person and pushing the IcePics button on the iPhone. IcePics will immediately email a picture of the perpetrator along with the GPS location pinpointed on a Google Map to contacts pre-selected by the owner. 

I can see how this could be valuable as an evidentiary tool, but the promoter of this app is making some pretty extreme claims ( see link above for full story):

"What IcePics Can Do

IcePics is a valuable anti-crime tool for anyone who finds themselves anywhere in a potentially threatening situation including:

• Children walking home from school

• Women jogging alone

• Anyone walking to a car in an unlighted parking lot

• Babysitters

• Children playing in a park

• Girl Scouts selling cookies

• Children going trick-or-treating Halloween night

• Elderly persons living alone

• Anyone opening a door to a stranger

• Anyone in a dispute or involved in a tense lawsuit

• College students living in a dorm

• Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse issues, especially those involving a restraining order

• A spouse worried about domestic violence, divorce or custody issues

• Anyone in line at a bank, fast food restaurant or convenience store who sees a crime being committed.

Imagine How The IcePics App Could Change Outcomes

...IF the young woman working in the college lab who was recently attacked had used IcePics her assailant would not have been able to attack her without knowing he'd more than likely be caught.

...IF the child that recently went missing in Florida, only to be found murdered in Georgia would have had IcePics, her attacker could have been stopped.

...IF the young woman that was recently separated from her friends at a Metallica concert had IcePics, she could have sent her attacker's photo to a remote email.

...IF Nicole Brown Simpson saw her assailant walking up her driveway, she would have caused her attacker to think twice as life in prison almost certainly would have been assured with evidence of his or her presence.

...IF the young girl walking home from school, only to be kidnapped and held for 18 years had IcePics, the outcome would have been much different and perhaps have stopped the person from even considering such an act.

Call Their Bluff

By just passing this information on to friends and telling them to hold their phone up and explain the IcePics technology to a threatening person it may make them think twice. Of course, having IcePics would be best, but the mere fact that it is available could save the life of someone you love, so share the concept with everyone, and it may be you that saves a life today — with or without even knowing it. "

I am curious to know what others think of this. The most glaring problem is that the majority stalking victims I know find iPhone purchase and  plan charges cost prohibitive. It would be great if this could be utilized with any camera enabled cell phone

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CDC Manual to Download: Empowerment Evaluations For Violence Prevention Programs

Evaluation for Improvement: A Seven-Step Empowerment Evaluation Approach

This manual is designed to help violence prevention organizations hire an empowerment evaluator who will assist them in building their evaluation capacity through a learn-by-doing process of evaluating their own strategies. It is for state and local leaders and staff members of organizations, coalitions, government agencies, and/or partnerships working to prevent violence. Some parts of the manual may also be useful to empowerment evaluators who work with these organizations.

From the Introduction:

"Any organization working to prevent violence—whether sexual violence,1 intimate partner violence, youth violence, suicide, or child maltreatment—wants to know if what it is doing is making a difference. Are protective factors against violence increasing? Are risk factors for violence decreasing? Are rates of violence decreasing over time? Are there fewer perpetrators and fewer victims than there were in the past? Are communities, families, and individuals healthier and safer now than they were before?

Evaluation can help violence prevention organizations answer these and other questions and provide opportunities for these organizations to improve their strategies2 so they are more likely to prevent violence. For this reason, evaluation is becoming a more common practice within organizations, and more funders are requiring grant recipients to evaluate their strategies."

View, download or print Evaluation for Improvement: A Seven-Step Empowerment Evaluation Approach [PDF 2.8Mb]

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